After a summer of travelling round the UK doing craft fairs, finally I am back at my laptop ready to do another blog post. I have been continuing my experiments with Argentium silver, first I did some etching. I stuck some Argentium onto some parcel tape and used stopout varnish to draw some linesImage

then I used 50% nitric acid to etch the designImage

then I used a brass brush with soapy water to polish it


I used a brass brush and soapy water to give a satin finish.


Then I did some granulation, with Argentium granules onto Argentium sheet


1 was successful granulation, as was 3, but 2 was where I got the granules too hot and they started to melt. I was experimenting using a firebrick and a charcoal block, didn’t seem to make much difference.


This picture shows the granulation again, but also where I have sawn out some 0.5mm leaf shapes, and  have fused them onto some 0.5mm sheet. This went really well, and I have used this technique in lots of my new Argentium pieces.


Some of my next experiments will involve fusing 18ct gold granules onto Argentium, and more complicated fusing pieces.